Olympia: Self Talk

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Olympia: Self Talk

Listening to Olympia’s debut release Self Talk is like getting lost in a rabbit hole of electronics, wispy, yet ethereal, vocals and whining guitar riffs. It’s a brave release from the musician Olivia Bartley, who has been working on this project since 2011.

Things open with the stripped back ‘Honey’ and quickly slide into the upbeat radio-worthy single of ‘Smoke Signals’. It’s a catchy track that showcases Olympia’s impressive guitar skills and the single quickly becomes an obsession. ‘Fishing Knots/Blood Vessels’ is a highlight of mine for the vocal ability that Olympia exemplifies in the release; her voice is honey smooth and seems to glide from the stereos. ‘Somewhere to Disappear’ and ‘Blue Light Disco’ are also highlights.

Overall the release is a highly impressive one for a project several years old, and weaves in between modern pop, psychedelia and all to the backing of minimalist guitar and gentle-caressing vocals. Self Talk is an album where Olympia has thought of a vision and direction and instead of shying away has fully embraced it.

EMI Music Australia
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring