OK Motels Charlton

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OK Motels Charlton

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We are very, very excited to be heading back once again to our fave lil Mallee town, Charlton. It’s been an interesting time, and we all deserve an escape up the highway for some good ol’ fashioned country hospitality.

You can expect all the faves to be there. The CWA will be hosting a Devo Tea at the Charlton Lawn Bowls Club, you can also have a game of lawn bowls. Tell Your Friends You Love Them will be seeing who reigns supreme in the Locals v Blow-Ins Pool Comp and will be facilitating friendship with some Speed Friending at the Devo Tea. Greg and Leanne at the East Charlton Hotel will have another surprise guest take the stage on Saturday arvo, and of course you can expect Greg to be on the bar with his guitar. There’s of course mini golf, food at the motel both Friday and Saturday night, and Benno’s.

There’s new stuff too!

Something pretty exciting … we have a whole new room! The Pool House is solely dedicated to dancing and karaoke. If you’ve ever wondered what was inside the room that looks over the pool at the Charlton Motel, you will soon know. We’re also opening up a little seating area in the ‘country style’ basketball court, located next to the Pool House.

We have some cool things going on in the town too, with the Rotary Art and Photography Show and the Lions Club Garden Show. There’s word of a swap meet, the weekend in October this is happening is yet to be confirmed, we’ll let you know when we know. There’s a few other fun bits and pieces we’re working on, stay tuned.