Oh Baby, it’s Ezra Lee

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Oh Baby, it’s Ezra Lee

I can’t remember what I was doing when I was four-years-old but I reckon I wasn’t learning the Floyd Cramer tune ‘Last Date’ from my old man. It was far from being the only time Tamworth lad Ezra Lee would lean on his dad for musical tips and tricks. Using his dad’s collection of blues records to teach himself boogie woogie and barrelhouse piano, Ezra would also pick up the occasional lesson from Dr John and Johnny “B. Goode” Johnson when they toured Australia. By the time he was 13, Lee was a familiar face on the circuit, playing piano on weekends with different country and western artists and at 14 he joined Johnny Green’s Blue Cowboys, where he enjoyed a six-year stint. In April of 2011 came the dream-like experience of supporting Jerry Lee Lewis at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend. Along with ‘The Havoc Band’ (featuring Shaun ‘Havoc’ Lee on drums, Pete Mavric on double bass, Kevin Spiers on guitar and Mark McGurgan on tenor sax), Ezra leads Australia’s most sought-after Americana outfit. Motor Head Baby is their latest release. Head on down to Beav’s Bar, Geelong on May 31 for one of the best Sunday sessions you’re likely to come across this year.