Off Ya Tree’s $5 piercings are back

Off Ya Tree’s $5 piercings are back

It’s always fun to shake things up when it comes to how you present your personality visually to the world, and piercings are the perfect way to personalise your outfit or style and define who you are and in this day and age.

So, the allure of a $5 piercing from the edgy team at Off Ya Tree is just too good to pass up!

Whilst the deal is only available for ‘standard piercings’, you’d be surprised at the array of options that fall under the category. Whether it’s eyebrows, ears, bridge, nose, septum, tongue or other facial areas, the opportunity is all yours!

Jewellery is additional pricing, starting from $15 and aftercare is additional, starting at $10 however this doesn’t change the fact that Off Ya Tree is offering the best deal around. And it’s for absolutely everybody! You just need to be 16 and over if you’re coming in alone, or if you’re younger and still want your fix, you just need to have a parent/legal guardian in tow.

Sales begin on September 26 and will last until October 26 and is available at all stores so get in quick and hot! A trained piercer is in-store at all times so to get your very own, all you need to do is walk right on in. The stores do get pretty busy so we’d recommend telling your boss you’ll be halfa late to work and head in early to avoid missing out!

Don’t miss out on this epic deal! It’ll come back to haunt you months on when you’re sitting in the chair waiting for you’re $60 septum…

Off Ya Tree is located at 89A Ryrie Street, Geelong; 77 Bridge St Mall in Ballarat and 13 Mitchell St, Bendigo. Suss the deets online at