Off Ya Tree

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Off Ya Tree

When it comes to living an edgy lifestyle– there’s few shops that come to mind in being able to offer fashion and design. Off Ya Tree is one of Australia’s pioneering brands in the altern world, and pride themselves on being one of the forerunners in the alternative lifestyle and body modification industry. Off Ya Tree currently has 33 stores Australia wide that host a variety of clothing, accessories, smoking paraphernalia and more.

They’re also one of the only fashion brands in Australia that offer piercing and tattooing at selected stores with the offshoot in-house studio Punktured Body Piercing and Tattooing. Offering all types of piercing and tattoos (in a totally profesh and hygenic matter) it’s the perfect accessory to all the fashion pieces you’ll be picking up on your way out.

Forte’s top picks across both ‘women’ and ‘men’ are the Hell Bunny crop tops, bone beanies, Disturbia storm dress (we’ll take 3) and all the jumpers & jackets – just a small list!

If you’re also partial to a smoke – their site will redirect you to a host of cute, novelty and practical smoking paraphernalia which will surely keep you set for life (or maybe just the weekend.)

Open in Bendigo and Ballarat, lucky regional Vic has access to two of the 30+ year stores – ensuring we’re at the forefront of living on the fringe.