Off the Beaten Track

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Off the Beaten Track

Robyn Davidson and Raimond Gaita will take in an evening of story at Castlemaine’s Theatre Royal this Saturday night, December 5. In 1977, Davidson set off from Alice Springs for the west coast with the companionship of a dog and four camels – Dookie (a large male), Bub (a smaller male), Zeleika (a wild female), and Goliath (Zeleika’s son).
While she had no intention of writing about her journey, she was persuaded to write an article for National Geogrpahic, the popularity of which led her to write a book, Tracks. Mia Wasikowska and Adam Driver starred in the 2013 film adaptation. All proceeds from the conversation will go to fighting the development of a chicken processing factory on the Moolort Plains.