OCEAN’s Great Rescue Tour aims to halt Seismic Blasting and Gas Exploration along the Otway Coast

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OCEAN’s Great Rescue Tour aims to halt Seismic Blasting and Gas Exploration along the Otway Coast

Words by Staff Writer

Coastal communities prepare for a dynamic series of events, including paddle-outs, rallies, and expert speakers to thwart seismic blasting this summer.

In a bold move to protect the pristine beauty of the stunning Great Ocean Road and its marine ecosystem, the Otway Coastal Environment Action Network (OCEAN) is gearing up for an impactful summer campaign from 6th to 27th January.

The tour kicks off in Ocean Grove and charts its course westward to Portland, taking the fight against seismic blasting and gas exploration in the Otway Basin to coastal communities along the way.

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OCEAN, a united front of coastal communities along Victoria’s coastline, shares a common goal: to put an end to seismic blasting and new gas exploration in the Otway Basin. The campaign is not just a series of events but a collective effort to educate summer visitors about the destructive nature of seismic blasting and its profound impact on ocean habitats and marine life.

Founder of OCEAN, Lisa Deppeler, is emphatic about exposing the alarming proposal by TGS and Schlumberger to unleash a colossal 3D seismic blast covering a staggering 4.5 million hectares off the west coast of Victoria.

“This massive proposal covers an area almost the size of Tasmania and will  displace, injure, and kill an untold number of marine species, including the endangered southern right whale and the blue whale. The proposed project intercepts with two marine parks and two whale sanctuaries. If successful, it will be the largest 3D seismic project in history,  right here in our backyard,” warns Deppeler.

Still not sure what seismic blasting is? This video below gives you a pretty good summary!

The summer campaign isn’t just about raising awareness; it’s a dynamic series of events hosted by each coastal community. Paddle-outs, rallies, street marches, take-action tents, expert speakers, and the screening of the powerful film “Southern Blast,” produced by Surfrider Foundation Australia, are all part of the agenda.

Accompanying the tour is Yaraan Couzens Bundle, a Keerray Woorroong and Gunditjmara Whale Dreaming custodian with a deep connection to Koontapool, the southern right whale. Yaraan will share her wisdom and knowledge of her sea country, shedding light on the concept of “animal terrorism”.

OCEAN proudly enjoys the support of influential partners, including the Australian Marine Conservation Society, Patagonia, Southern Ocean Protection Embassy Collective, and Surfrider Foundation Australia.

The tour dates are as follows:

  • 5+6 January: Ocean Grove
  • 7 January: Torquay
  • 13 January: Lorne
  • 14 January: Apollo Bay
  • 20 January: Port Fairy
  • 21 January: Warrnambool
  • 27 January: Portland

For in-depth information on seismic blasting, OCEAN encourages everyone to visit their website