Ocean Grove’s Cookie Robinson’s soulful stylings are as sweet as her name

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Ocean Grove’s Cookie Robinson’s soulful stylings are as sweet as her name

Words by Maxwell Bennett

With her second single, “Out of Time,” Cookie Robinson proves herself an artist worth watching.

In late 2022, 15-year-old Cookie Robinson released her captivating second single, ‘Out of Time’ — a comforting take on soul that invites us into its warm, gentle melody just in time for the summer season. 

Led by a smooth, traditional guitar melody and a bouncing drum beat, the instrumental creates the perfect rolling tide of sound to back Cookie’s delicate and truly soulful singing. 

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The soft rhythm of the music paired with Cookie’s mystifying voice lends an almost-nostalgic feeling to the song, like cool summer nights, walks on the beach, or laughter shared between old friends. 

The lyrics, of course, only complete the image: a love interest coming around too late, affection that doesn’t quite fit anymore— the kind of longing and frustration a lot of people can probably relate to, especially teenagers still learning to navigate love. 

“I write a lot about teenage relationships, and try and focus on relating to my peers,” Cookie explains of her lyrics, and it certainly rings true.

The skill and spirit of the song is impressive to say the least, especially for someone so early in their music career. 

“I drive my music myself,” she says, “With some help from my parents, of course. I record my songs with Zac Barter and release them through Distrokid.” 

Cookie also posts an abundance of casual performances on her Instagram, breaking out her guitar for everything from covers to demos of new songs in the works— showing off a talent anyone would be proud of. And if the account is anything to go off of, she has plenty of greatness still in store to follow up these first two singles. 

‘Out of Time’ and Cookie’s previous single ‘Lean In’ are both available on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and triple j Unearthed.