NYXL [product review]

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NYXL [product review]

Back in the dawn of time, caveman hit things with sticks and a bit down the track some weird dude invented instruments with strings. These instruments were often played by people such as court jesters. Some people have been known to draw comparisons between a caveman and a court jester in Geelong’s own local music industry.
Geelong’s own caveman court jester Greg Bee lead singer and guitar wank master from Grasshopper, who also happens to own a little music shop called Music Workshop, has recently discovered a new product. This is a man who still plays the same songs he was playing in 1965, so it’s an odd turn of events that he would ever consider trying something new. Not only did he try these NYXL strings: he fell in love with them. You can often find him sitting outside on some lawn furniture talking to this pack of strings sharing his stories dating back to 1965, caressing the outer rim of the packet with affection and love.
Now for the sales bullshit… Are you breaking a lot of strings? Are you going out of tune far too often? Do you want to be heard more clearly? Well look no further. We think we have found a string that might just do what you’re looking for.
Today we are having a look at the new NYXL strings by D’Addario.
What’s so special about the NYXL strings? To start, D’Addario has reengineered the wire that was first used to build the Brooklyn Bridge, and you can’t get much stronger than that. Look closely and you will see that the bar code resembles the Manhattan skyline. Put it all together and you get the idea where the “NY” in NYXL came from, as they are manufactured right in New York.
D’Addario touts the NYXLs as being “the next generation” of high performance guitar strings. According to the company, its strings “bend further” and “take greater abuse”, yet still remain in tune and playable. Plus, the NYXL strings can stay correctly tuned longer. Side by side, NYXL strings have superior stability when compared to the usual nickel wounds.
Sonically Speaking, NYXL strings have greater magnetic permeability, which means they act dynamically with electric guitar pick-ups. The nickel-plated string windings have magnetic properties that create a higher output, and even on cheaper electric guitars, they bring out a great clarity in the pickups. So if you are a little bit crazy and trapped in any era prior to the development of the ‘interwebs’, perhaps you should give these little bastards a try.
You never know, you could also end up on some lawn furniture caressing the new love of your life.
Review provided by Music Workshop, Geelong