Nussy's Heroin

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Nussy's Heroin

If you haven’t heard of Nussy, it’s about time you did. Otherwise she may just hunt you down and force you to listen to her kind of like in her new clip ‘My Heroin’. Just Kidding. Nussy is the loveliest of ladies and with beautiful vocals to match, but if you don’t have a listen we might just hunt you down and make you watch this clip as it’s that good! 
‘My Heroin’ is the follow up to her critically acclaimed track ‘Dizzy’ released last year. “My Heroin is about being involved in a toxic relationship,” describes Nussy.  “It’s like an addiction where something else within you takes over and you can’t make logical decisions – hence the reference to the drug heroin – that even at the very lowest of the low points, you convince yourself that the highs are worth it.”
When & Where: Shadow Electric, Melbourne – July 17