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Armed with brightly coloured lips, a blonde pixie crop, dresses Twiggy would kill for and the perfect synth-laden pop tunes, Nussy is attacking the music industry head on. Though her life may seem perfect it hasn’t been without challenges. In 2012 her partner and footballer John McCarthy passed away. But it’s these challenges and pressures that have helped make her the musician and person that she is.
Her newest single, ‘Dizzy’, touches on these pressures but is also a message for people to stop focusing on the pressures and to enjoy the moment.
“In a way it’s about my own pressures. People can sometimes have unrealistic expectations of artists and sometimes it’s hard to be taken seriously. But to be honest it’s more about people I noticed around me,” Nussy says. “This constant pressure to finish university, get a job, settle down – what does “settle down” even mean? It seemed to me like a lot of people are just going through the motions of what they think is expected of them and not being aware of how amazing each little moment in life can be.”
To help pass the message along, Nussy is dressed up, sent spinning in circles and touched by almost a dozen hands. Produced by Jarred Osborn and Julian Lucas, the clip is a touch under four minutes of brightly coloured fun.
“It was just like being a kid again and playing dress-ups,” Nussy says. “And so weird! I’m very ticklish so it was actually really hard for me to keep a straight face, but we got there,” she says.
It’s clear from her snaps on social media, including a photo shoot for fashion blog ‘Street Style by Sarah’, that music isn’t Nussy’s only love.
“I love fashion so it’s something I really love to have fun with. I’m quite a spontaneous person and think that sort of comes across in my style,” she says.
As well as coming across clearly in what she wears, Nussy’s personality is just as clear in her performances, which she’s been fine-tuning for a few years now.
“I’ve been performing for quite a few years now – singing backing vocals in other original bands and doing the covers circuit around Melbourne – and I just love performing. It’s so great to finally be playing my own music to people,” Nussy says.
Few cities were lucky to see her perform live, as she’s recently done a handful of shows to celebrate her new release. When asked what’s next for Nussy, she remained quite tight-lipped, but gave a cheeky teaser that she will be heading back to the studio.
So while she may be drip-feeding fans with quality releases, this isn’t some silly little dream for Nussy. She wants to make sure that she does it right.
“A lot of people think it’s a cute little dream that artists have to go out and do this. It’s not. It’s hard work and we wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t absolutely love it,” she says.
“I’m so lucky that my family and my friends are so supportive though. They are all behind me 100 per cent, which is such an amazing feeling!”
Release: Nussy’s self-titled debut EP is out now.
Written by Amanda Sherring