Nussy: Self-Titled

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Nussy: Self-Titled

Nussy, aka Dani Smarrelli, has managed to channel a few bad experiences into a pretty decent debut EP, and boy are we glad she has. Her synth-infused pop tracks match her Twiggy-meets-La Roux style, and make her the perfect modern day pop package.
‘Intro’ sets the EP up for the electronic synth backing that ‘Dizzy’ is grounded on. Paired with light drumming, which picks up just before things get boring, ‘Dizzy’ is bound to get regular airplay and is a song pop lovers have been missing out on. ‘Prowling’ picks things up a bit and serves as Nussy’s “dance floor” anthem of the EP.
When pop songs of today are pumped out at rapid speed with not much thought into the content but only the sales, it’s always refreshing to see a song with depth. For Nussy, ‘The Other Side’ is this song and then some. It serves as a tribute to ex-partner and footballer John McCarthy, who died in 2012. With the delicate guitar strumming and synth injected at just the right moments, ‘The Other Side’ becomes a pop tune that pulls at the heartstrings.
For someone new to the industry, Nussy has managed to create the perfect brand and has done a stellar job of introducing it to the world via her debut release.
Written by Amanda Sherring