Now Open: BBQ Legend brings the soul of Korea to Geelong with its authentic Korean BBQ experience

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Now Open: BBQ Legend brings the soul of Korea to Geelong with its authentic Korean BBQ experience

Words by Staff Writer

At BBQ Legend, authenticity reigns supreme.

Nestled in the heart of Geelong along one of its busiest streets, BBQ Legend emerges as the city’s latest epicurean sensation embracing the age-old tradition of Korean BBQ.

Formerly renowned as BB Chicken, the establishment, under the deft guidance of its proprietors, is now poised to elevate Geelong’s dining scene with an authentic Korean BBQ experience.

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Stepping into BBQ Legend, patrons are greeted with an ambiance that seamlessly marries modernity with tradition. Once known for its delectable fried chicken and refreshing tap beer, the venue has undergone a remarkable transformation. The brainchild of the visionary owners, who also helm the revered Tomodachi Izakaya Bar, BBQ Legend now boasts state-of-the-art Korean BBQ exhaust pipes and grills, meticulously curated to deliver an immersive culinary journey.

At the helm of the kitchen is Chef Michael Bong, a maestro hailing from South Korea, who embarked on his culinary journey at the tender age of 14. With a passion for authenticity, Chef Bong has meticulously sourced ingredients, kitchenware, and furnishings from Korea, ensuring that every aspect of the dining experience resonates with genuine Korean flair.


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The menu at BBQ Legend reads like a love letter to Korean cuisine, featuring an array of mouthwatering starters, including Renkon Chips, Spring Rolls, and an assortment of Dumplings, all served with Chef’s special dipping sauces. For those seeking more, the Corn Cheese, Steamed Egg, and an array of savoury pancakes are a must-try. There’s also deep fried calamari with chili mayo if that’s your speed, and a selection of traditional Korean soups.

As the evening unfolds, indulge in the pièce de résistance: the Korean BBQ experience. Here is where the venue shines. A symphony of sizzling meats awaits your grilling finesse, ranging from succulent Pork Belly to marinated Beef Ribs and premium Wagyu Beef, boasting marbling scores that promise an unparalleled melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

If you’d prefer to indugle in a set, there’s the Pork Set, featuring thin sliced pork belly, BBQ cut pork belly, soy marinated pork galbi, to the Wagyu Beef Set with a Wagyu scotch cube roll, Wagyu oyster blade and Wagyu short rib meat. There’s also a combination of pork and beef, or just your regular beef set too. Each meat set menu is thoughtfully curated, accompanied by an ensemble of eight side dishes and an array of dipping sauces.

For those seeking a vegetarian delight, vegetable and mushroom platters offer a symphony of garden-fresh goodness.

For connoisseurs of fried chicken, BBQ Legend pays homage to its roots with a selection of options, from the Original Fried Chicken to the Spicy Sweet Soy Garlic rendition, served with coleslaw and sweet sour mayo.

To complement the experience, a curated selection of beverages awaits, ranging from refreshing cocktails crafted with Soju to an extensive array of craft beers, wines, and soft drinks. For those seeking a taste of Korea, a selection of imported beverages, including Soju, wine, and beer, promise to elevate the experience to new heights.


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To celebrate opening weekend, having only swung open its doors this week, BBQ Legend unveils irresistible promotion. Order two servings of soju and receive an additional one on the house, or order three servings of pork belly and delight in an extra serve, complimentary.

With its commitment to authenticity, innovation, and unparalleled hospitality, this culinary gem promises to redefine the gastronomic landscape of Geelong, one mouthful at a time.

BBQ Legend is located at 116 Moorabool Street, Geelong and is open Monday-Thursday 5pm-9pm, Friday & Saturday 5pm-10pm, and Sunday 5pm-9pm. Find out more and book your table here