Norway's Tuva Finserås has released the perfect wind-down track

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Norway's Tuva Finserås has released the perfect wind-down track

Happy Friday!
While it’s always fun to put on the party tunes and get keen for a big night on a Friday, sometimes it’s nice to just wind down after a massive working week, or even just take five to chill out before you embark on the aforementioned big night.
Well, if this is you, then Norway’s Tuva Finserås has released the perfect single to do just that with ‘While Our City Sleeps’.
Clearly inspired by Tuva’s early musical days of classical piano and composition, ‘While Our City Sleeps’ ​uses hypnotic layers and inspired motifs from nature to tell anecdotes​ ​about the sudden and desperate ending of a relationship. It’s beautifully haunting and as soon as you hear the delicate vocals, you’re immediately drawn in. The easy tempo and sparse instrumentation emphasise the importance of the lyrics and intricacies of the vocals.​
Although the work is solemn, her angelic voice ensures you remember there’s always light at the end of the tunnel – and that’s something we could all use on a Friday.
This track is the third single from Tuva’s forthcoming debut EP, produced by Benjamin McCarthy (Gordi, Alex the Astronaut, Nyck, G Flip) and is dropping in June, and signals a real change of pace from her previous singles, showcasing her diversity and highlighting her innate ability to summon her listener through compelling lyrics and delicate song structures.
Check out the track below. It’s super dreamy…