Northlane and In Hearts Wake: The Equinox Tour

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Northlane and In Hearts Wake: The Equinox Tour

In what will arguably be the biggest and best double-header in recent Australian heavy music history, metalcore favourites Northlane and In Hearts Wake are hitting the road this winter to bring us the Equinox Tour. With the promise that both bands will do guest vocals on each other’s hits, and the hint of many more surprises, this unique concept tour aims to change the way the band and their fans interact. So when Forte Magazine was given the rare opportunity to sit down with both front men – Marcus Bridge of Northlane and In Hearts Wake’s Jake Taylor – we jumped at the chance to find out what they have in store.

“It means a lot to us to make sure that we break down that barrier between the crowd and the band,” says Taylor, “so we put together a special package. We’ve got a bunch of exclusive items so that people have something to take home with them,” Taylor explains.

“We’ve got a massive wall flag, wrist bands, a VIP pass and a poster that we’re all going to sign when we’re at the show – it’ll be a piece of memorabilia,” he continues. “We’re also going to do a 20 minute Q&A which is really important, even though some people ask silly questions. But most people ask interesting questions like, ‘Marcus, when did you first start singing?’ It’s really fun to interact with people that way.”

“Yeah, we’ve done meets and greets in the past,” Bridge adds, “and all you get to do is say ‘Hi’ for a second and then they have to move on, so it’s a bit of a bummer. We want to give people the time they deserve rather than seeming like we’re just brushing people off.”

“We want a marshalled experience to make sure there’s enough time to have every question answered,” Taylor says. “We’ll take photos with everyone, and people will get to take a photo home, so there’s lots of things that we’re planning – it’s pretty exciting. We want to give people a chance to talk to us, because we want to talk to them.”

Chatting with Jake Taylor and Marcus Bridge, it’s obvious they share a lot in common. Both agree they’ve become firm friends in the short time that Bridge has been fronting Northlane. Bridge, a singer/songwriter from Sydney, beat out thousands of hopefuls thanks to an outstanding YouTube audition to replace Northlane’s founding vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes in late 2014.

“Obviously there’s a lot of history between Northlane and In Hearts Wake,” Bridge says, “and although I’m a bit new to all this, we’ve had such a great time together. We [Northlane] did a little North American run at the end of last year with In Hearts Wake, and we’re really excited that we get to do a tour like this at home.”

To round out this epic co-headline event, joining the band of brothers across the country are Canberra’s finest rockers Hands Like Houses, and Ocean Grove, an up-and coming experimental hardcore band from Melbourne. “The guys from Hands Like Houses are amazing people – we [In Hearts Wake] were playing overseas, somewhere in Europe, when we met and we just clicked,” Taylor says. “Since then they’ve put out some amazing music. Their latest record [Dissonants] is really good – I think it peaked at #7 on the ARIA charts. They’re a band that’s enjoying the spotlight at the moment. They’re just very down to earth, just like the guys from Northlane, so we’re very happy that we’re bringing them along.”

Ocean Grove are set to launch their latest offering, Black Label, in line with the Equinox Tour in June. “I remember hearing their very first EP [Outsiders, 2013]. They’ve got a new take on nu-metal, and they have some interesting ideas,” Taylor adds. “They’ve since gained the attention of our label, UNFD, and they’re definitely a band to look out for. Also Northlane and In Hearts Wake have each individually taken Ocean Grove on tour, so this is a big step up for them and on bigger stages – it’s a very good time for them.”

With the cancellation of Soundwave Festival this year, a lot of hardcore fans were left without a lot of opportunities to come together and see the bands they love. Fortunately, labels like UNFD are doing their best to fill the void. “I think what’s exciting about this tour is that it’s all Australian bands,” Bridge says. “A lot of the time Australian bands planning a national tour will bring out a big overseas headliner to boost the hype, but I think this tour will show that there’s a lot of good talent in Australia.

“Now that UNFD have started doing their own touring they will hopefully fill the gap left by Soundwave, and it will be for the better,” he continues. “It’s exciting to see what’s going to happen from now on.”

Thanks to the good folks at UNFD, triple j and Live Nation, the future looks bright for hardcore music in Australia – and according to Taylor some of the best times are yet to come. “Marcus and I have been in hibernation creating music while we’ve been at home. We want to take the next step and try new exciting things, and there will be plenty of secrets revealed this year in particular.”

Written by Natalie Rogers

Image: Neal Walters

When & Where: Festival Hall, Melbourne – June 12