Northeast Party House

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Northeast Party House

From the early days of Northeast Party House, an exceptional and high energy live show has always been a must. Now four years on, they are releasing their debut record, Any Given Weekend. Guitarist for the outfit, Jack Shoe, feels that after a long time of refining the songs, being able to put the album out releases some pressure off the band and gives them time to consider their next move. “These songs have been two years in the making and to finally have the disc out is great. It’s nerve-racking to hear people’s opinions on what you spent quite a chunk of time working on, but I think it will be extremely beneficial for the band.”
‘The Haunted’, which is the latest single off the album, started out as a bit of a joke between the band and the record label. However, given the popularity with their fans, it seemed only fitting for it to be the first song released in promotion of the album. “That song has always been my personal favourite of all our tracks. We never saw it as a single, but when we recorded it everything seemed to fall into place. The bassline riff came from a soundcheck for a gig that we played nearly two years ago. It kept evolving and was the first time that a song came together in that way for us.”
Admittedly, to any band the studio can be a stale and uninviting environment. Collectively all the members of Northeast Party House feel at home when they’re on stage ripping into a track in front of all their fans. To be touring all around the country in support of the new album feels like home. “Playing live is great because we get to do what we want to do and it’s highly energetic and just feels natural to us. The three dates that we have on the start of the tour – Adelaide, Ballarat and Melbourne – are simply the best way to kick off this tour. Every time we play in Ballarat people come out and say hi. It’s going to be another raucous time. I can just feel it,” Shoe said about the upcoming dates.
Having supported the likes of The Jungle Giants, Ball Park Music and Midnight Juggernauts, and played on bills such as Falls and St Kilda Festival, the tour stories the band now has are probably longer than your arm. However, what goes on tour stays on tour – and isn’t always suitable for print. “Touring is the best part of being a band. Anything can happen at a show and you make great friends along the way. Whenever we play in Brisbane, we always crash at Millions’ house or The Jungle Giants or The Creases because when you’re on the road there are strong friendships and relationships built up because you spend so much time on the road together. We always get up to trouble on tour so it’ll be interesting to see what this one throws up.”
If you’ve read this article and you’re still unsure about who Northeast Party House are, they play a mash-up of dance-electro / guitar indie-pop that makes you feel good and gets you nice and sweaty on the dance floor. This album showcases the hard work that the band has put into their electrifying stage show over the last few years and is definitely a contender for local album of the year. Get out and groove down to one of their shows!
When&Where: The Karova, Ballarat – June 20 and The Corner, Melbourne – June 21 & 22
Written by Tex Miller