North Youth Theatre Presents Maps of the Heart (MOTH)

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North Youth Theatre Presents Maps of the Heart (MOTH)

Eight characters, seven real stories and one made up. From the Philippines to South Sudan, from Rwanda to Iran, experience stories of love, desperation and luck told through music, dance, poetry and gritty theatre. One question: are there any happy endings?

Take a journey into cultural complexity. MOTH tells the stories of eight characters from different times and different countries based on the real experiences of cast members and their friends and families. Interwoven with these stories are the actors’ reflections on who they are, where they have come from and how it feels to be living in a society that struggles to embrace difference.

Written by the ensemble and told through fast-paced, funny theatre, MOTH spans Congo, Philippines, Iran, Turkey, Rwanda and Tanzania and moves from the 1960s to the present day. Original music, song and rap drive the narrative to its surprising conclusion.

Directed by Dave Kelman and presented by Geelong’s only ensemble of people of colour, North Youth Theatre in partnership with Bluebird Foundation and Platform Arts, MOTH includes an original music score created by local award-winning composer Callum Watson and additional music by Baraka.

“Maps of the Heart is about the journey of coming of age and trying to find your place in the world. It culminates with the story being told by people who either lived the experience in their native country or were told of the experience here in Australia. The cast has found each other, and they indirectly explain how these stories helped forge their destiny and its role in finding their own place in the world.”

– Abraham Herasan, NYT Ensemble Member


Abraham Herasan, Ali Hosseini, Alphonse Mulashe, Eto Claudine, Fiston Baraka, Irene Bakulikira, Keak Joak, Nina Untivero and Gatdoar Mach.


Written by Abraham Herasan, Keak Joak, Sila Toprak, Ali Hosseini, Alphonse Mulashe, and Nina Untivero.

Directed by Dave Kelman, composed by Callum Watson with additional music by Fiston Baraka.