Norey Cash: Bad Apple EP

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Norey Cash: Bad Apple EP

Pensive, industrial, rough and heartfelt are all words that can be used to describe Norey Cash’s Bad Apple. Featuring collaborators Jelly Roll, Flash Dangerfield, Sleeper and Opaque Terra, the EP is 15 tracks of pain, anger, fear and regret. That’s not a bad thing either. Bad Apple is honest and unabridged, an insight into the mind of Norey Cash.

‘Harden Up’ is the first actual song of the release and is set to a pensive loop that allows Cash and Jelly Roll to spit the truth and set the honest tone for the rest of the EP. Nash says he’s here to “take what is mine”, and this is his chance to do it with Bad Apple.

The musical compositions are sporadic and engrossing, they’re highly textured and compliment Cash’s rough voice. Bad Apple feels a lot like a mixtape as the nature of the songs drastically change from song to song and the final tracks on the release can best be described as nu metal.

The music may be inconsistent, but it doesn’t matter because it’s Norey Cash’s voice that does the heavy lifting. Bad Apple is strong, relatable and truthful – which is more than enough to make it a good release.

Out independently
Reviewed by Jack Cherry