‘Nonna’s Kitchen’ sets the stage for TARRA Queenscliff’s new monthly dinner series

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‘Nonna’s Kitchen’ sets the stage for TARRA Queenscliff’s new monthly dinner series

Words by Staff Writer

TARRA Queenscliff has launched a new monthly dinner series with its inaugural event, Nonna’s Kitchen.

TARRA Queenscliff has announced the launch of a tantalising monthly dinner series, with its first event, Nonna’s Kitchen, poised to captivate diners with Italian flair on Saturday, 16th March.

Under the visionary guidance of Executive Chef Michael Demagistris and his adept culinary team, guests are invited to embark on a gastronomic voyage, delving deep into a curated menu brimming with narrative. From anecdotes drawn from Chef Michael’s own Nonna’s Kitchen to tales of global culinary exploration, each installment of this series promises an immersion into the stories behind the dishes.

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“Each menu is a chapter from my life, shared through the universal language of food,” says Chef Michael.

Crafted from locally sourced and hand-foraged ingredients, these dinners epitomise simplicity, quality, and the art of storytelling. Nonna’s Kitchen, in particular, unveils a profoundly personal menu that pays homage to Chef Michael’s grandmother, the cornerstone of his culinary odyssey.

Drawing inspiration from Sundays spent in Nonna’s kitchen, where the aroma of her pasta sauce heralded the genesis of his culinary ardour, Chef Michael infuses each dish with these cherished memories.

From the house-made antipasto, featuring expertly crafted meats and pickled vegetables, to the spinach and ricotta raviolo dressed in rich tomato sugo, each dish is a homage to Nonna’s culinary mastery. Savour herb-crusted lamb cutlets, glazed chicken, and vibrant salads, all reflecting Nonna’s ethos of using quality ingredients. And for a sweet finale, delight in Nonna’s cannoli, a decadent fusion of dark chocolate, vanilla, and fresh ricotta.

“In the simplicity of Nonna’s preservative-free, made-from-scratch approach, it is here where the story begins,” he says.

“The menu is a narrative in itself, featuring a signature raviolo pasta dish, a nod to kitchen benches draped in fresh pasta, the house-cured charcuterie and salumi that speaks to Nonna’s knack for elevating simple spices and techniques into something unforgettable. It’s the celebration of tomatoes which littered every dish and were picked from her garden. And for the finale, cannoli, the sweet staple of my childhood, is a testament to the desserts gracing Nonna’s table.

“This series isn’t just about re-creating dishes; it’s about infusing the essence of Nonna’s cooking into each creation.”

This ticketed affair aims to forge connections between diners and exceptional cuisine, offering a glimpse into the memories and adventures that breathe life into each dish.

For further details or to secure your seat, visit TARRA Dinner Series.