NONHQ: The world’s first non-alcoholic cellar door opens in Melbourne

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NONHQ: The world’s first non-alcoholic cellar door opens in Melbourne

Credit: Glen Wilkie

Located in Melbourne, Australia, NONHQ is a creative space designed to showcase the brand's exceptional line of non-alcoholic drinks and the craft behind them.

Further revolutionising the non-alcoholic beverage industry in Australia, beloved non-alcoholic wine alternative brand NON has just unveiled NONHQ; the world’s very first non-alcoholic cellar door based in Melbourne.

Creating real drinks for real times (that are also entirely delicious), NON’s founder Aaron Trotman has meticulously designed a game-changing new centre for creating exceptional non-alcoholic liquids; by deconstructing real produce using culinary techniques to create real drinks, with no booze.

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Taking over a space at 79 Taunton Drive, Cheltenham, the venue will host intimate 10-person tours on the first Friday of every month to immerse guests on the journey of how NON’s first-class liquids are crafted by a team of expert chefs, food scientists, bartenders, and winemakers.

Visitors will indulge in the world of NON and have the chance to meet the makers, before embarking on a flavour workshop to learn the reasoning behind the complex flavours.


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NON’s founder Aaron Trotman was among the first commercial producers to adopt a culinary approach to the non-alcoholic category; merging techniques and ingredients found within fine-dining kitchens.

“We always knew that someday we would establish a non-alcoholic cellar door, and after a challenging and demanding 2-year design and construction journey, we are thrilled to see this vision come to life,” Trotman says.

“We are excited to add another element to the NON narrative by providing a sensory experience to all our visitors, who can submerge themselves in our world, right in our very own home.”

NONHQ’s flavour workshop will transport guests on a sensory journey. The tour offers participants an opportunity to explore each of NON’s seven distinct flavours, each possessing its own distinct profile. The food pairing option elevates the experience to new heights, whereby attendees can truly experience the refined expressions that make NON beverages stand out.

“Our goal is to provide complete transparency on how NON is made and to offer a unique and innovative non-alcoholic beverage experience that fosters appreciation and inclusivity. As we continue to experiment with new flavours and ingredients, we are committed to growing our brand and community by providing high-quality products and experiences that align with the future of the beverage industry.”

NON is committed to the notion of, ‘leave the place better than you found it’. All products are made with 100% green energy before being shipped carbon-neutrally, and the makers use as much of the raw ingredients as possible during processing and for any leftover matter, NON take advantage of Melbourne City Council’s green waste program. NON uses 75% less water wastage compared to traditional beverage manufacturing.

Mark your calendars and join us on the first Friday of every month 9 am – 4 pm for a tasting tour and experience the unconventional world of NON at 79 Taunton Drive, Cheltenham. Book now at here.