No Limit of Love for Boy & Bear

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No Limit of Love for Boy & Bear

There’s a new album on the horizon for Boy & Bear and it’s surprisingly titled Limit of Love. We’re sure it’s going to be all about how limitless their love for their fans are…right?
Limit of Love will be released on October 9 and is the follow up to their #1 ARIA album and the platinum selling Harlequin Dream. With this album the band took to the old school methods of recording and captured the tracks straight to tape.
“I was shitting myself,” laughs frontman Dave Hosking, who took on the almost-unheard-of challenge of recording his vocals live with the band. “But it’s funny you know, what made it less intimidating was having someone like Ethan there, who is such an advocate for it. He put it on the table at our first meeting, that he’d be very keen to at least try going for it as a first approach. When we left the meeting we felt pretty good about it. We were up for the challenge.”
Check out the recording process below.