No Lights No Lycra

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No Lights No Lycra

There are some of us who are void of inhibitions when it comes to letting loose on the dance floor. But for those of us who practice the Robot and dance along to the Spice Girls in our living rooms alone, we don’t get the same relief. That’s where No Lights No Lycra comes in, who work by the mantra “that everyone can dance” and everyone has the right to dance.
Thanks to Charlotte Hamilton this phenomenon, that’s hit not only Melbourne but also the world, has now come to Geelong and will be coming to Ocean Grove on August 4. Before NLNL was in Geelong, everyone in Melbourne was working up a sweat in the dark, including Charlotte, who attended the session one weekend after reading about it in The Age.
“At the end of the session, I was pumped with endorphins, dripping with sweat and knew I had to get this great concept to Geelong,” she says.
As Charlotte was studying art therapy she could appreciate the therapeutic values as well as the pure fun and uniqueness of the night. She soon became the Geelong Ambassador for NLNL and fought for it to travel down the Princess Freeway to Geelong locals.
“We can spend a lot of time talking about our problems, but sometimes moving to release them is the best option,” Charlotte says.“There is a whole discipline of Dance Therapy, so it is definitely a form of therapy. Dance is free and totally self-administered.”
One of the most surprising things about NLNL is the eclectic mix of people who are willing to shake away their inhibitions and build up a sweat on the dance floor. People who have admitted to not liking dance or those who have traditionally been “bad” at dance have found themselves amongst the writhing bodies.
“One lady came that hadn’t danced for about 20 years. Someone had told her she wasn’t a good dancer, so she stopped. Then she came to NLNL and hasn’t stopped dancing since,” she says.
There are honestly no limits when it comes to who can get involved in the NLNL nights. Whether young, old or even injured, everyone can benefit from the endorphins released from dancing. There’s no “class” atmosphere, as Charlotte gets just as involved in the dancing as everyone else.
“Sometimes I’m feeling revved up and I end up doing some crazy old school aerobics moves, or sometimes even some yoga amongst my dancing. I really just let my body take charge! I teach yoga in the hall before though so I do go from totally relaxed to totally pumped,” Charlotte says.
While Charlotte thoroughly enjoys each class, she gets more satisfaction from seeing and hearing the happy responses to a NLNL night. Plenty of people are already reaping the rewards, but she’d like for those still dancing alone to rethink their company, or lack thereof.
“I think many people miss out on the joy of dancing because they feel they are not good enough dancers. It’s just crap, even young kids can dance. It’s just about being confident about how you dance, not about the moves. Having fun speaks volumes,” she says.
Charlotte also teaches yoga, meditation, holistic counselling and does relaxation massages. To find out more visit For more NLNL news, ‘like’ the nolightsnolycrageelong Facebook page. Each session is $5 entry.
When&Where: Wednesday nights 7.30 p.m. – 52 Garden Street, Geelong and August 4 at 6-7 p.m. at ‘Boorai’, 4-50 Shell Rd, Ocean Grove
Written by Amanda Sherring