No Lie, it’s NOFX

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No Lie, it’s NOFX

It has been a long enough absence for NOFX. They have missed the punk spirit of Australia, and we have sure as hell missed them. So it’s happening, kids; the band is returning for another run of shows that will leave you hot, sweaty and possibly without pants. The band has been doing their thing for a long time. Long enough that many of Forte’s fine, good-looking readers would not have been born at the time they first strapped on their guitars. The year was 1983 – the year that gave us Return of the Jedi. But there were no Ewoks in this band. There were just a bunch of dudes that liked a thing or two about punk music. This will be the first time Aussie fans will get to hear 2012’s Self Entitled album and 2013’s EP Stoke Extinguisher live. Barwon Heads Hotel, Barwon Heads – November 18.