Nineteen-year old Georgia Rodgers is bringing a new soulful level to jazz infused blues, understatedly tapping into the Geelong and Melbourne music scene

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Nineteen-year old Georgia Rodgers is bringing a new soulful level to jazz infused blues, understatedly tapping into the Geelong and Melbourne music scene

No stranger to the guitar, Georgia has mastered her expertise through fifteen years of uninterrupted practice. Though her instrumental skills are nothing short of exceptional, it’s Georgia’s edgy voice techniques that segregate her from other musicians in the community. Her extraordinary relationship with the guitar is harnessed by the waves of complex mood that ooze from her vocal cords, quietening the noise within a room full of chatter.
Very modest about her talent, Georgia believes her vocal ability has only been fine-tuned in the last few years. “I haven’t actually been singing for too long. I was always pretty shy and scared about singing, so I’d say I’ve been singing confidently for about four or five years,” she explains. “Singing is sort of weird for me because it’s so different from playing guitar as there is nowhere to hide, which has been a great challenge for me. Singing brings out a lot of emotion and deeper aspects of a performance as appose to just playing the guitar.”
During the month of March, Georgia played a series of gigs each Tuesday evening at Geelong’s home of blues, Pistol Pete’s. Arguably the heart of Geelong’s niche blues community, Georgia loves the warm atmosphere within the space.
“I love playing at Pistol Pete’s. Places with a bit of intimacy to them appeal to me and I feel like my music style is better suited to that type of venue at times,” she says. “Pete’s caters for a lot of different musicians. I feel my music is very accepted there, whether it be originals or covers.”
Aiming to appear at as many gigs as she can, Georgia has been exploring both Geelong and Melbourne. “I played at an awesome art exhibition in Fyansford for the very talented Louise Woodmansey and in Clifton Hill at Some Velvet Morning which was super awesome. The little groovy venues are my favourite,” she confesses. Appearing at a good handful of venues and events around Geelong, including Ocean Grove’s The Mex and Queenscliff Musical Festival, Georgia is trying to make her way through some larger crowds. “I think because I have grown up in Geelong it makes sense for me to see what’s out there in the local music community, but I want to see more of what other music communities are offering and what I can offer them,” she comments. “It’s always good to feel a little intimidated as a musician.”
Her unique style does make categorising her into a genre a little difficult, but Georgia hopes her audiences appreciate her versatility. “I get asked what genre of music I play so often and I always freeze for words. My music is bluesy and a little bit jazzy, but I guess whatever people want to make of it. Blues is timeless. Being such a versatile style of music, I think I fit comfortably into the genre but I try not to put it too narrowly. I find younger and older crowds enjoying my music so I must be doing something along the right track!” she laughs.
Georgia’s incredibly cool personal style mirrors her distinctive approach to music, a match made in heaven that is unintentionally establishing her musical identity. To learn more about Georgia and to find information detailing her upcoming gigs, head on over to her Facebook page.
Check out her Facebook profile here.
Written by Hannah Kenny