Nina Las Vegas

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Nina Las Vegas

Follow Nina Las Vegas’ social media antics, her constant communication with fans, insights into her childhood and countless selfies and there’s an air of confidence that seems to follow her wherever she goes.
Though confidence for Nina isn’t something she credits to herself, and has actually proven to be a challenge during the process of creating her new EP.
“I am the most vulnerable I’ve ever been because I’m trying to transition into an artist as well and it’s so fucking scary,” Nina Las Vegas says of her new EP Cool Sports out now.
“I finished a beat yesterday, and the idea of sending it to someone to see if they thought it was good was so daunting. I could easily send something to Diplo or RL Grime but I’m too nervous to because they’re my friends. But I have to get over that because no one cares except yourself.”
The jump from radio personality to artist may seem like an impractical move, but Nina has actually made many changes through her career and was often the person behind the music’s creation before she was the one granting it airplay.
“That’s the thing about sending out music is that if people actually know my background is that I was a producer first; I made all the mixes, I made all the promos, I did the sound design. I was making music and playing in bands before I was on air. The on air stuff just kind of worked out,” Nina says.
It’s this background that has enabled Nina to know exactly what the industry needs and what the people want to hear.
“I know what’s missing and what I miss – because I’m making tracks that I play out. I’m pretty clubby, I mean obviously I push the Flume sound and all of that, but like everyone I move fast and I’m keen to hear different stuff. I want more people to make clubbier tracks and more people to take more risks and create weirder sounds,” Nina says.
“At the moment there is a particular sound that you hear a lot. So I’m kind of just working through all that, and that’s the advantage of working at triple j because we get maybe 40 songs of a particular sound and I just get to take it all in and get to hear what people like and what’s working.”
Though Nina is quick to add: “But ultimately you have to love it yourself, and that’s the big thing is trusting your own ears.”
When & Where: Uno Dance Club @ Bended, Geelong – June 7
Release: Cool Sports EP by Nina Las Vegas and Swick is available now released via Fool’s Gold Records.
Written by Amanda Sherring