Nightjar Festival – The Series adds more legendary acts to its 2024 lineup

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Nightjar Festival – The Series adds more legendary acts to its 2024 lineup

The Vasco Era at Kennedys Creek Music Festival 2017. Photo by Kirsty Renee
Words by Staff Writer

The Vasco Era and Harry James Angus join the star-studded Nightjar Festival lineup, promising an unforgettable series of events set to light up Torquay Common.

The iconic Nightjar Festival, after a four-year hiatus, returns with a bang, presenting ‘The Series’ – a celebration of music, roving entertainment, food, and design.

As the anticipation builds for Nightjar Festival 2024’s opening night on January 4, music enthusiasts are in for a treat with the addition of renowned acts to an already stellar lineup.

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Melbourne-based Australian rock/blues trio, The Vasco Era, is set to set the Nightjar stage ablaze on Night 4. Hailing from Apollo Bay, the band, winners of the 2004 Australian National Campus Band Competition, has an impressive international track record. With a debut album nominated for a prestigious Australian music award, their performance is bound to be a highlight of the festival.

Night 1 also gets a trumpeting boost with Harry James Angus, the firebrand trumpet-playing vocalist from The Cat Empire. Known for thrilling live performances and constant musical reinvention, Angus promises a solo act that’s a different beast altogether.

In the words of CEO and Event Promoter Lyndelle Flintoft: “We’re back to make Torquay come alive! Nightjar Festival is not just about music; it’s a fusion of good food, talented stallholders, and a community vibe.”

Nightjar Festival – The Series

  • Night 1: Victoriana Gaye Trio, South Atlas, Little Quirks, Harry James Angus and Yirrmal.
  • Night 2: De Porsal, Creature Fear, Fred Leone, Full Flower Moon Band, and The Murlocs.
  • Design Exchange Surfcoast: A showcase of Australia’s inspiring designers, artists, and creators.
  • Night 3: Immy Owusu, Leah Senior Trio, Steph Strings, Ash Grunwald, and Bobby Alu.
  • Night 4: The Hollow Majors, Brooke Taylor, Leroy Macqueen, CHAPERONE, The Vasco Era and Fanny Lumsden.
  • One Last Night: A high-calibre showcase of contemporary and experimental artists.

Nightjar Festival levels up: Introducing ‘The Series’ – a festival of music, roving entertainment, food and design

Nightjar Festival’s return comes with a revamped structure, expanding the entertainment program under the banner of ‘The Series.’ The brainchild of Lyndelle Flintoft, the festival now spans two weeks on Thursdays and Fridays, from January 4 to January 12.

Flintoft explains: “We wanted to focus on the music, quality stallholders, food, and roaming acts, offering more to the community. Music is a leveller; it brings strangers together to dance and laugh. The core remains supporting a connected, inclusive community.”

A change in the festival’s approach includes pre-event ticketing to manage high traffic demands. Ticket holders will enjoy an express lane for a swift entry, with exciting prizes up for grabs.

Nightjar Festival – The Series includes additional attractions such as Surf Coast Design Exchange Markets and One Last Night, a fully licensed, small-capacity music event focusing on musical excellence.

Don’t miss the epic return of Nightjar Festival – The Series 2024 at Torquay Common from January 4 to January 12, promising an unforgettable experience for Torquay and the wider Geelong community.

Get your tickets now for a series of nights that promise music, entertainment, and memories to last a lifetime.