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Night Vibe

When you sit down to think about Australia Day, what do you think of? Is it the ceremonies and recognising all of the great work that happens during the year from all of the hard working individuals? Maybe you think of all of the sporting events that are happening at the moment ie. tennis and cricket, or maybe you think of the Hottest 100 which leads to thinking about the greatest Australian music and what your favourite tracks of all time are? Straight up, voting this year was not on the top of my agenda and maybe that is because I was busy moving house and getting settled, however, I did happen to think about what my favourite tracks of 2015 were.

Could you really get a bigger album than Tame Impala’s Currents, which opens with the delectable 7-minute absolute blissful jam ‘Let It Happen’. However, that said The Rubens’ new record Hoops was pretty massive, very enjoyable and got quite a few spins on my iTunes. This column would be a complete lie if I didn’t say that James Bay wasn’t up the top of my list for my favourite tracks, however what would you choose? His album was just full of great pop rock nuggets and it has been a little bit sad to see that commercial radio has absolutely flogged it to death, yet the man can do no wrong.

Having seen them twice in 2011 and twice again last year, and while I wasn’t madly keen on the band’s newest release, The Wombats are another band that would have made my list had I got around to voting. From ‘Emoticons’ to ‘Give Me A Try’ and ‘Greek Tragedy’ to ‘Pink Lemonade’, Glitterbug is an album that passed me by the first few times I listened to it.

Getting the opportunity to see Mark Ronson live with one of the craziest light shows I have ever seen, it’s not surprising that Feel Right and In Case of Fire are two tracks that probably would have made my list. Why wouldn’t I vote for Uptown Funk? Well, to be completely honest with you, it is because of the overcommercialisation of the track. Feel Right has just this energy and James Brown-esque vibe that you cannot surpass. The sad thing about the track is that it contains so many expletives that you are unable to play it on community radio in the middle of the day, yet, it is a complete jam.

Released as a Christmas present to the world, Radiohead dropped a new song on us and hinted to their ninth studio album seeing the light of day. Spectre, which was released as their contender for the theme to the latest bond film, in my opinion is better than the Sam Smith version. Opening with the piano with strings behind it and Yorke’s vocals gliding into the mix, right from the beginning the song builds to a massive crescendo which is what you want to hear from a motion picture soundtrack. Whether it will be utilised on their new album is yet to be seen, but from all reports we don’t need to be waiting too long.

Fingers crossed that they give Australia the nod once again with announcing a tour given that their last show in 2012 was so ridiculously amazing. If you remember reading a previous Night Vibe column for the predictions of 2016, when the time comes around to vote next year I’m sure that DMAs and Matt Corby will be up the top of the voting.

Written by Tex Miller