Nicolette Minster – ‘Net Worth’

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Nicolette Minster – ‘Net Worth’

A wild and hilarious true story about a person who doesn’t exist.

Comedian Nicolette Minster is a child star whose career took a nosedive after starring featuring alongside Meryl Streep… at age three. After googling herself, has just discovered that her entire life is a lie.

Having recently survived the first year of childcare and written a horror film starring Rahda Mitchell “Girl at the Window” (surprisingly unrelated to the terror of daycare), Nicolette Minster’s Net Worth marks her highly anticipated return to the live comedy stage.

According to, Nicolette is a 6ft, 29 year old worth $15mil. Except she’s not. She is a 38 year old, new(ish) mum, who shops in the same Woolies she used to work in and despite being somewhat recognisable from her work on Sammy J and Kinne Tonight is not a candidate for the cover of Forbes. Or is she?

“Who Do You Think You Are?” meets 1995 movie blockbuster “The Net”, Net Worth is a story about being misrepresented on the internet and sliding into the DMs of absolute strangers in the pursuit of your online alter ego.

Nicolette Minster’s Net Worth is 50 minutes of comedy storytelling directed by award winning radio host and comic crooner Sammy J.