Nico Ghost: Kaishi

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Nico Ghost: Kaishi

Listening to Nico Ghost I’ve got to admit I’m not the first to put my hand up to listen to a hip hop release, but Kaishi is one I would easily put on again. ‘Coolin’’ plays out much like the name suggests, Nico Ghost’s smooth rapping flows over a synth beat and while he’s talking about the usual hip hop subjects (bitches, joints, you know the deal) it’s a track that’s an easy listen.
With the move for more and more electronically produced releases, Nico Ghost does a great job of pairing his hip hop stylings alongside a synth R&B beat. ‘Bound 2 Snow’ is a highlight for me as it’s a clear example of what Nico Ghost does best and what I’ve previously mentioned.
‘Daps+Pounds’ is a bit of a heavier track and the synth isn’t there quite like it is in the others, instead it takes a step back to old school hip hop and is purely about the beat and the lyrics – which are really something to appreciate.
Rounding out the EP with something different again is ‘PWH’, a slower release, it has that kind of lovey hip hop feel to it but this isn’t a love song. All up Nico Ghost is a seriously talented rapper that you should get onto. Hell, Kendrick Lamar has already labelled him as a “promising up and comer”. Get on it.
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring