Nicholas Allbrook: Walrus

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Nicholas Allbrook: Walrus

No doubt about it, this is one of the more experimental releases of the year that really challenges what you know of music, what it should be, what it shouldn’t and just how much we can utilise in creating something beautiful. Nicholas Allbrook is best known for his work with Tame Impala (ex bass-player) and Pond, and there are twangs of that style that shine through in his tracks. ‘Goode’ ebs and flows between different emotions aided by Allbrook’s ability to contort his voice into anything he imagines. It really takes on that storytelling feel where whatever it takes to get your characters and emotions across. The track culminates in layer upon layer of instrumentals and synth stylings.
It’s mind-altering music at its finest and Allbrook is one of the few who can successfully tap into your mind; sounding as if he’s rattling along in your skull forcing your thoughts out of your ears. The reason he does it well is because if many others were to try, it would simply come across as a mess of sound, but this doesn’t. Instead, as much as it doesn’t sound like an easy listen, it is. Allbrook pairs harsh sounds together that shouldn’t work but they do.
Don’t pick up this album if you’re easily confused or need a clear direction, this one’s for those who have a affinity for the mind-altering substances in life, who like to be head-fucked and who would rather step away from what everyone else is into.
Out via Spinning Top Records
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot