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They may be known for helping to shape the tech/house genre, but the Italian duo of Nicola Daniele and Cesare Marocco are actually quite partial to Australian crowds and a sip of good quality wine as well. We had a chat to the renowned DJs ahead of their performance in Geelong.
Hey guys, thanks for taking some time out to chat to Forte, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
Hello Forte Magazine, it’s our pleasure to chat with you… 🙂 We’re just back from Moscow doing some studio work and getting ready to have our last gig in Italy tomorrow before we fly to Indonesia.
I understand that you both started spinning as teens together early on, was your friendship based on your passion for the genre or did that come after? 
When we met for the first time we both had already started our DJ careers, so it was great to meet someone who shared the same passion as we did. That lead to us growing together as artists which helped to develop the NiCE7 sound.
Do you remember the first gig you had together, how was it?
It was in a local club in our small city and we were 17 and 18 years old respectively. We actually spent one whole season as resident DJs there – it seems like a long time ago now but we definitely have good memories of being residents there!
You actually make a lot of your own original music too, was that an important thing for you both to do?
Yeah definitely, and I would even say that producing your own music is an absolute must for every artist. We think in dance music it is also important to make good remixes. In some cases you can fix, or update, an idea/track that another producer made and make it sound better. That can be very satisfying.
Given you work in the club/party scene, do you ever get sick of the constant activity or is it something you thrive off? 
I would be lying if I said anything else other than that DJ life is very cool. You can travel and take your music all around the world which is absolutely amazing. But at times you can miss the everyday life, so it’s good to take some weeks off from travelling to work in the studio and enjoy your family and friends.
As your job is a lot about reading people’s moods, do you find that you’re good at reading people outside of the club scene? 
Your job as a DJ is all about reading people’s moods, but we’re not sure that we are good at playing psychologist outside of the DJ booth!
So you’ll be heading to Australia soon, and we’re keen to have you, do you think we’ll be able to live up to the Italians partying lifestyle? 
To be honest we have found that there are not much separating scenes in different countries if you play in the right places and work with the right people. We honestly think that there are three important things that make a party good: a good sound system, cool and passionate promoters, and a lovely and respectful crowd. We found these three things in every Australian party we’ve played at so far. To date we have had two Australian tours in the last two years, and we can honestly say that we had some of our most unforgettable nights Down Under. The Australian partying lifestyle is quite amazing. No doubt thanks should go to Mike and Thick as Thieves (our Australian tour agent) who provides us with all these cool gigs!
Are there any rumours out there about Australian clubgoers? 
Yes, everybody on the global scene knows that Australians “party hard” – and they love Aussies for it!
Will you be doing any sightseeing while you’re down here, anything in particular on your list? 
We’re Italians and by default we are wine lovers, and of late Australian wines have been gaining prominence among the world’s most notable wines. It only makes sense then that this time around we might have a wine-themed day trip to Yarra Valley in Melbourne!! 🙂
Thanks again for that, any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers? 
We just want to say thank you to Forte Magazine, and all those people who have taken 10 minutes of their time to read this interview. See you on the dancefloor!
When & Where: Uno @ Bended, Geelong – June 13 & Revolver, Melbourne – June 14