NGV Brings Crossing Lines Exhibition To Melbourne

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NGV Brings Crossing Lines Exhibition To Melbourne

Merging the works of two of the most iconic yet tragic artists of all time, the Crossing Lines exhibition at NGV International boasts over 300 artworks by none other than Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Both prolific cultural icons of 1970s New York, Basquiat and Haring have much in common: tragically short lives, the ability to fuse being ‘underground’ with icon status, being pioneers for their respective minority communities, and a natural friendship.

So, it is no surprise that when brought together in the same exhibition their works create a seamlessly profound, must-see collection.

Not only will Crossing Lines be open to the public until the 13th of March, but it will form the basis of the NGV’s annual Friday Nights series which allows patrons after-hours access to the gallery, DJs pairing the artwork of these 80s legends with quintessential sounds of the era, encompassing subgenres from garage disco to new wave synth.

Tickets for Crossing Lines and NGV Friday Nights available now on the NGV website.

Photo by Tom Ross.