Next Wave Festival To Present Sedih//Sunno

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Next Wave Festival To Present Sedih//Sunno

Next Wave Festival will present the world premiere of Sedih // Sunno this May. In the intimate and immersive performance by award-winning artist Rani Pramesti, four artists invite audience members into private spaces to listen and reflect on the personal histories and hidden legacies of their families.  

Lead artist, Rani Pramesti draws on her background as a social worker and performing artist, to focus on a topic that is often shrouded in shame, secrecy and silence: child sexual abuse.   During her recent research trip to Java, Indonesia, Pramesti learnt that her mother had been sexually abused at the young age of eight. Deeply moved by her mother’s courage to speak out, Pramesti and her team of collaborators have developed a performance experience that invites audiences to listen to sadness.   Arriving in groups of twelve, audiences will move around spaces adorned in treasured family heirlooms of Indonesian Batik belonging to the Pramesti’s mother. Ria Soemardjo provides Javanese-inspired vocal work as a musical undercurrent to the experience, with Shivanjani Lal and Kei Murakami creating evocative visual and lighting design.

Sedih//Sunno will transform The Warehouse Space at Arts House from Thursday May 5 until Friday May 20. Tickets are on sale through Next Wave.