Newton Faulkner: Hit The Ground Running

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Newton Faulkner: Hit The Ground Running

11 years since the days of blasting Dream Catch Me as soon as it received some air time, in his sixth studio album, Faulkner’s sound is as refined as it is soulful, with tinges of modern blues intertwined in each of the 14 tracks. The frontrunner of the album, ‘Hit The Ground Running,’ explores the dynamic ranges of Faulkner’s powerhouse voice as iconic tones of intensity and softness take the listener on an emotionally captivating journey.
Noting that the track is all about delivering a positive message of victory over misfortune gives listeners cause to believe that the entirety of the album also draws on the significant symbolism of Hit The Ground Running. The lyrics additionally communicate that you must defy the odds in order to make something grand of yourself, an empowering memo by Faulkner.
Despite the minimalism of the record, the multi-talented Aussie incorporates his finesse of guitar playing with his complexly beautiful voice to deliver a new take on the sound he is so well-known for.
The record is a token of Faulkner’s musical growth and maturity, further demonstrating how his strong influence on the blues scene in Australia has landed him a set spot at Bryon Bay’s Bluesfest this April. Coinciding with the announcement of some upcoming tour dates, Faulkner is sure to pleasantly surprise audiences when he belts out his eloquently pure melodies, a technique he masters so effortlessly.
‘Alright’ and ‘Don’t Understand’ explore how love can inhibit our way of thinking, whilst other tracks like ‘Never Alone’ keep in theme with the uplifting vibe of Hit The Ground Running. The nostalgic element of listening to Newton Faulkner is incentive enough to give his new album a whirl, however memory-triggering alone won’t be the only reason why you’ll love this album.
Faulkner has heaps of upcoming shows with tickets still available online. Catch him at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne on April 4 at 7pm and at Byron Bay Bluesfest March 29-30.
Release: Hit The Ground Running is out now.
Reviewed by Hannah Kenny