New Years at The Sporting Globe

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New Years at The Sporting Globe

Some people wait all year for the celebrations of New Year’s Eve, but as soon as it comes around the countdown is finished and it’s another 365 days until it happens again. That’s where The Sporting Club are a point of difference. Instead of just one chance to celebrate, they’ve got three, and each brings a different themed party. We had a chat with Luke Peters about what we can expect from the celebration, three times over.
Hey Luke, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
Great thanks, we are busy promoting our New Years concept NYE3X, as well as finalising all details for the Australian Open and Super Bowl next year.
So it’s a pretty interesting concept you’ve come up with, what made you think of the idea?
We wanted to give customers a unique experience for NYE, one they haven’t had before and something a bit different to a typical dress up theme.
When you say “themed areas”, will that mean all decorations, food and drink in that area are specific to the city?
Yes, each area will be themed to the appropriate city with a NZ “ shire” type fernery (hobbits not included), Bondi Bar & relaxing Japanese lounge with lanterns. Themed finger food such as NZ lamb ribs, Aussie Seafood and Japanese Sushi will roam throughout the venue as well as a great selection of drinks from each country from the bars.
And why did you choose Auckland, Sydney and Tokyo as the cities?
The city choice was one of the easiest decisions with a high number of Kiwis calling Melbourne/Geelong home we thought it’d be great to celebrate the New Year at the same time as their friends and family back home. Sydney obviously because the city and Harbour Bridge have some of the best fireworks in the world and Tokyo as it falls perfectly into our schedule at 2am and who doesn’t love Japanese beers and sushi?
I imagine with everyone celebrating New Year’s three times it will be a crazy night, are you prepared for anything and everything to happen?
We certainly know that the three countdowns will definitely add a new aspect to New Year’s Eve like never before, and we are excited to celebrate it with everyone else.
What can we expect at the Sporting Globe when it hits midnight?
Expect all of our 40 plus TVs to switch over to the live coverage of the Sydney fireworks and with our huge 3.75m screen in the beer garden you’ll think you’re there – there’ll be no second guessing if it has struck midnight! Also probably lots of hugs, kisses and celebratory drinks!
What have you done in previous years?
Previously we have had pretty typical NYE parties with live bands and Djs, but this year we wanted to do something different!
So Test Pilot Molly have been announced, is it likely you’ll be getting a few more local DJs on the night?
Correct we are excited to have Test Pilot Molloy locked in and we will also have local DJ “Pinky” taking you through to close.
Playing a set at New Year’s is a pretty big deal, what did the acts have to encompass to make the cut?
It is a big deal and we are always keen to showcase Geelong’s local talent as it resonates with our core customer base.
If all goes well, do you think this will be an idea you keep up, but rotate through different capital cities?
Definitely an option we’d like to explore, but it is limited with the time zones. But who knows, next year it may be Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth!
Do you think you’ll have any time to enjoy the festivities?
Our staff always enjoy these events because everyone is in such great form and, unlike a sporting event, there isn’t winners and losers, just big groups of people celebrating a great year and welcoming one another.
What are some of the Sporting Globe’s New Year’s resolutions and plans for 2015?
Our resolution every year is to continue to give our customers exceptional service and innovative ideas, whether that’s through menu items, events or experiences.
Thanks again for taking the time out to chat with us, is there anything you’d like to add before we finish up?
Just be sure to visit our NYE3X site for all the event details and we hope to party with you this New Years!
When&Where: The Sporting Globe – December 31