New donut store, Nuts For Donuts, opens in Geelong region with more than 40 flavours

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New donut store, Nuts For Donuts, opens in Geelong region with more than 40 flavours

Yep, Geelong’s donut addiction shows no signs of slowing down.

We’re now worlds apart from the days of travelling home from Melbourne Airport with a coveted box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts on our laps. Now Geelong’s become home to an abundance of proper donut stores dedicated to delicious iced, sugared and gourmet treats.

Whether you like them yeasted or cakey, glazed or filled, we’ve now got one more spot to add to your hit-list with the newly opened Nuts For Donuts.

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Taking over the old Goldsworthy Convenience Store, Nuts For Donuts officially opened on Wednesday gifting us all a new carb-loaded sugar palace.

From the people behind Thomastown’s alcohol-infused donuts (sorry fam, they don’t have those here), Nuts For Donuts was born back in 2018, with a focus on chef-made, craft donuts using the highest quality ingredients with everything made in house.

Home to a kidult-fusion treat, Nuts For Donuts combines the sugar-glazed dough that we loved as a kid with the sweet, sweet indulgence of certain sugary treats – you name it, they’ve got it. Every single donut is handcrafted and made with all the love and carbs you could ever imagine, coming in an array of colours, flavours, and options. At Corio, there are more than 40 different flavours to choose from. The flavours—oh my gawd, the flavours!—are out of this world delicious.

There’s apple and cinnamon, Bueno, cappuccino, caramel mudcake, blue heaven, golden gaytime, Kit Kat Nutella, Lamington, M&Ms, rocky road, snickers pod, Tiramisu, vanilla slice, and blueberry cheesecake, among many, many others.


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The best part about this new spot is that they’ve even got a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free sugary little round works of art. Vegan flavours include many of the above, alongside peanut butter jam, caramel, sprinkles, Oreo and more, while gluten-free flavours include chocolate topped, classic jam, cinnamon, Nutella, strawberry iced and white chocolate raspberry. The Gluten-Free Donuts are manufactured in a dedicated facility, so the products are ideal for Coeliacs. You can suss the ingredients on the website here.

Alongside the glazed, dusted, fried and filled hand-crafted donuts, you’ll also find hot dogs, hot jam donuts, fries, onion rings, milkshakes, choc-tops, cakes and more.

Here a single doughy is $4.80 and a six-pack is $24.00.

Nuts for Donuts is located at 127 Goldsworthy Road, Corio. Open seven days from 11am to 9pm unless sold-out prior. Visit the website for more details or keep up with the latest via Facebook