NBA Players and Their Hats

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NBA Players and Their Hats

It would seem that NBA players are not only good at slam dunks and dribble moves, they are also looking to shake up the the world of fashionable headwear.

It would seem the good ol’ flat peak became boring in about 2013 and around that time, players started to really step things up.

We are going to take a closer look at Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James on their quest to wear the most outlandish hat possible!

Carmelo 1 – The Silver Fox

Carmello 1

Carmelo 2 – The Man in tan with a Plan

Carmello anthony 2

Carmelo 3 – The Stiff Peak Meredith number

Carmello 3

Carmelo 4 – The tribute to M.A.S.H

Carmello Anthony 4

LeBron 1 – The Pharrell Hat Gone wrong

[Image featured as main image]

LeBron 2 – The Sparkly Space Cowboy

Lebron james 2

LeBron 3 – The modest Mustard

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LeBron 4 – The ‘Where it all started’ Top Hat Special

LeBron James speaks