Nathan Seeckts and his journey to The Heart Of The City

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Nathan Seeckts and his journey to The Heart Of The City

Fitting to the music’s Americana sound, the journey to Nathan Seeckts’ new album, ‘The Heart Of The City’ has been a grassroots affair. The genres of blues and country that he blends are rich in history and culture, and though they don’t usually top the mainstream music charts these days, even in Australia there’s still veins of a passionate scene.

The born-and-raised Geelong boy represents this; he’s been working away at his own music for about nine years and propping up others in his scene through his own radio show, ‘Last Night in Town on The Pulse’, which you can check out 6pm Thursdays. Seeckts reckons “If you’re looking for your new favourite artist, I’d suggest you start there”.

The communal nature of this scene was also integral to bringing Seeckts’ new album to fruition, as an independent artist he launched a Pozible campaign to help fund the release.

“Without the help of the people involved with the Pozible campaign, this album wouldn’t have panned out the way it did, and I honestly mean that. So many people came out to show their support and helped me to raise the funds I desperately needed, but also showed me just how many people believe in what I’m doing.”

People were believing for good reason, it seems, on attitudes since the album’s release Seeckts’ says, “The reception has been crazy. On the day it came out it reached number 10 on the iTunes Country album charts and stayed in the top 20 for that first weekend. For someone who doesn’t have a label, that’s huge.”

On top of the stats, fans have been reaching out personally, too. “I’ve been overwhelmed by how much people are connecting to the songs themselves. I’ve had so many messages from people over the past week telling me how much they related to the stories being told throughout the album, and it’s never the same song either which is really cool.”

This connection to the listener comes through Nathan’s lyrics, his new album is full of vivid lyricism and poignant tales, he says of the stories he sings “There’s an acorn of truth in every song I write, but I always try to layer some fiction on top of it so as not to be emotionally drained by the subject each time I sing it. ‘Beast Beneath The Bed’ and ‘Houselights’ are probably the most open and honest reflections of who I am personally. I’ve always been pretty open and honest about my mental health and with Beast, I was able to put those experiences down on paper and kind of give it a name.”

Going forward, Seeckts’ has an album tour starting early April, he’s most excited for the hometown gig at the B.C on the 21st. He says he’s last Gee-town gig was “hands down the best show I’ve ever played, so if we can bring that energy again, we’re in for a damn good Easter Sunday!”

For the rest of the year he’s hopeful for a showcase at Americana Fest in Nashville, and a massive winter tour, but he reckons his ultimate goal in music is “to find an audience for my music, and with this album, I really feel like I’ve been able to do that. This record is for those people who have believed in me and supported my work over the past nine years, as well as a new audience who might be hearing my work for the first time.”

When & Where:
The Barwon Club, Geelong – April 21
The Labour in Vain, Fitzroy – April 27

Written by Liam McNally