Nathan Cavaleri debuts his solo album Demons, marking the return of the Aussie homegrown blues musician

Nathan Cavaleri debuts his solo album Demons, marking the return of the Aussie homegrown blues musician

Words by Jessica Magtalas

No stranger to the stage, Nathan Cavaleri makes his long-awaited comeback.

After grappling with his own struggles, 38-year-old blues rock singer-songwriter gears up for the launch of his first solo album Demons, which follows the release of the discreetly powerful single ‘Before You Check Out’.

From sharing the stage with legendary names such as BB King, Etta James and Bonnie Raiit and even signing to Michael Jackson’s label at twelve, the Australian musician has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

A prodigy that makes us wish we continued with our weekly piano lessons in childhood.

With vulnerable, tender yet dynamic vocals matched with gloriously buoyant guitar instrumentation, his first single ‘Before You Check Out’, effortlessly takes listeners on a journey to an important place often seen as mundane and dark, not entirely acknowledged by many. Coupled with his velvety vocal timbre, the track however brings a sense of familiarity and comfort of a warm embrace. A reflection of mental illness, the simplicity of the single highlights the loss of Cavaleri’s beloved cousin to his own battles with mental illness.

“I strongly identified with what he went through and wished I had reached out to him. Having battled my own demons, I wondered whether my experience would have helped,” Nathan says.

“I contemplated what I’d share if time could show mercy. I would share how our thoughts and beliefs colourise our experience and skew our perception of the world, giving us a false sense of reality – a notion that helped me to expose the root of many of my physical and mental health issues that were mistakenly believed to be out of my control.”

Inspired by his own past experiences, Demons is a self-produced array of diverse songs, that encapsulates the modern vintage sound. A tone so captivating, the ‘Nathan Cavaleri’ sound brings soulful indie rock to the plate.

Fragile and intimate, ‘Hug’ is a bittersweet mix of mellow indie-rock that encapsulates a hint of loneliness and withdrawal. Matched with his explosive ballad-like expression, Cavaleri packs a powerful punch, guiding us through his past and personal contemplation.

“The bulk of Demons was created during a time when I didn’t believe that I’d be mentally and physically stable enough to return to the stage. All songs were written from a place of catharsis,” says Nathan.

“Lyrical themes range from antidotes for the depressed to my fascination for the more taboo side of desire. All falling one way or another under the theme of how humans crumble, melt, face, overpower, surrender, run or dance with our Demons.”

For more upbeat tunes, ’29 Gold Stars’ leaves a memorable impression to the ears. A clever yet deceiving structure, the track’s slow misleading introduction steers you into a much grittier and groovier beat, cleverly playing with the beats of the drums and classic electric guitar, an overall effortlessly cool and vintage production.

Performing at his first gig at six years old and playing sold out arena alongside Jimmy Barnes and Diesel at just twelve, the skill and charisma of Cavaleri did not go unnoticed. A natural born talent, honoured with being recognised and pursued by the likes of pop superstar Madonna and musical icon Prince, the Aussie star has not always had an easy ride.

After recovering from leukaemia at the age of thirteen and stepping away from the spotlight to work on his health in adulthood, Cavaleri has overcame these difficult obstacles and has prepared his first solo album, showcasing personal anecdotes through thoughtfully curated lyrics and powerfully sweet melodic vocals and guitar.

There’s no doubt that the tracks will get you feeling down… in the best way possible that is.

Prime your ears as Nathan Cavaleri’s much anticipated solo album ‘Demons’ is out now. Check it out below.