Nathan Ball’s top five roadtrip tracks

Nathan Ball’s top five roadtrip tracks

UK-based singer-songwriter Nathan Ball had a busy 2019. Finishing the year off with his single Borders alongside his debut Australian headline tour, and now he is kicking off 2020 supporting Ziggy Alberts on his mammoth Laps Around The Sun World Tour – huge!

To celebrate hitting the road, Nathan has shared his top five songs for a road trip!

“This year feels like I’ve permanently been on the move; from touring Australia, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Scandinavia… it’s been one hell of a ride, and despite permanently searching for new music to accompany me on these long drives, there are a few stalwarts in the van playlists and go-to songs to keep me sane on the road.”

The War on Drugs – Under The Pressure
This is my favourite song of all time! It’s not only the greatest intro to any album ever, I think it’s the greatest song in the world. The driving drumbeat, the emotive vocal, the killer build and the delayed synth and guitar journey at the end. No matter how many times I listen to it, it never fails to amaze me how good it is.

Kurt Vile – Goldtone
This track is the ultimate vibe. At over 10 minutes long it takes you on the most amazing journey and every time I listen to it, it feels like I float in and out of consciousness and always puts a smile on my face. Kurt’s voice sounds so good in it and reminds me of hearing it on the Park Stage at Glastonbury about 5 years when it rained nonstop and as he played this song there was finally a break in the cloud and the sun shone through… biblical stuff! I was watching a documentary on his latest album and he was chatting about his longer tracks and how he knows the only time to stop them is when your head stops bopping! This could go for another 10 in my mind and I’d still be bopping away.

Ben Howard – Hot Heavy Summer
To be fair this whole EP is perfect, but Hot Heavy Summer is a total stunner. The lyrics are really charming and remind me of summers back home by the coast. Sylvan Esso hop in with some vocals on this too just to really tug on the heartstrings that bit more. The guitar solo at the end is 20 minutes too short in my mind, I could listen to that all day.

Ex:Re – Romance
Sometimes life on the road gets pretty lonely. You’re away from home the whole time, missing people and craving a little bit of normality for a hot minute. Those late-night drives on very little sleep are often times for just staring out the window and having a long old think and for me this track is the ultimate soundtrack to that. The lyrics are raw, and the consistent drumbeat feels like those van wheels turning round and round. The whole album is beautiful, but this track has been a real special one to me this year.

Frank Widemann & Ry X – Short Line
Anyway, whoever has read any interviews about me will know I’m a massive deep house music fan. It’s always been a huge influence for me, especially the journey the tracks take you on. I first heard this track when Dixon played it at Farr Festival back in the UK and it genuinely brought a tear to my eye. Again, it’s one for looking out the window and letting it take you on a journey. In the van with the band we always take it in turns to DJ, but the last hour when we arrive in a city always tends to be pumping house music, and this has always been a staple on the speakers.

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