Nathan Ball drops soul-stirring new single ‘Call It Love’

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Nathan Ball drops soul-stirring new single ‘Call It Love’

UK-based indie singer-songwriter, Nathan Ball, has just revealed his stirring new single ‘Call It Love’ – produced by fellow band member and long-time collaborator Max Radford.

Led by compelling vocal melodies and earnest lyricism, ‘Call It Love’ gently builds with its spacious rhythmic section into sweeping deft guitar and dream-laden keys. Coasting along effortlessly, the track never loses sight of its consistent energy, only slightly shifting when needed into its soaring anthemic chorus.

We chat to Nathan following the release.

Your new single, ‘Call It Love’ has just dropped, what do you want people to take away from this song?
‘Call it Love’ is a real emotional one for me, it feels quite introverted with the deeper vocals in the chorus and then quite euphoric with the soaring chorus, so I like the juxtaposition of the two, it reflects the mood of the song nicely.

It’s a mix of indie lyrics, with pop music, why did you decide to combine the two?
Yeah I think the lead guitar and overall sound of it has become quite pop-like, and the lyrics are pretty dark and indie, but it was never really a conscious decision to combine the two, it was just how the song ended up coming out as we wrote it and I feel it’s where the song wanted to go, I just went with it.

How has it been touring alongside Ziggy Alberts?
It’s been a total dream, it was a lifelong dream to tour Australia and to play to 25,000 people across the country is awesome. It’s been pretty surreal touring a hot country in the summer… we’re used to touring Europe and the UK where we’re huddling for warmth before the shows, whereas here, in Bellingen I was swimming in the river in 34 degree heat 20 minutes before I went on stage.

Is there anything you have taken away from your time with Ziggy that you will implement in your performances or writing etc?
Ziggy has an amazing way of involving the audience and writing great sing-along lyrics, it’s been amazing to watch him every night from the side of the stage and hear so many people singing along.

This is your second trip to Australia; did you have a chance to visit Torquay last time?
Yeah it’s trip number five for me over here, my brother moved over here five years ago so I’ve been over to visit him every year since. I’ve driven the whole East coast in a camper van before, but only once managed to pop down to Melbourne before. We’ve just arrived in Victoria now and I’m really looking forward to spending some proper time here and exploring the area.

Is there anything that you really want to do in your time here?
I’m just super keen to spend a lot of time in the sea… we’ve had a couple of inland shows over the last week and I’ve been craving a surf so am looking forward to getting amongst it. Also I’m off to see Mumford and Sons in Melbourne on Tuesday night which will be ace, they always put on an epic show.

We have been told you draw inspiration for your songs from the outdoors, can we expect
an upcoming song about our wonderful surf coast?

I’m certain you can! I write a lot back home among the wild winters and take a lot of inspiration from that; the stormy seas and skies and howling winds, but I’ve been writing little bits here and there on the road so I think you can expect a nice little Aussie inspired song!

Catch Nathan alongside Ziggy Alberts at Theatre Royal in Castlemaine on January 24, Torquay Hotel on January 25, Grant Pavilion in Torquay on January 27 and Whalers Hotel in Warrnambool on February 1.