Nantes: LIMBO EP

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Nantes: LIMBO EP

30 seconds into the opener track and you’re trying to predict exactly where this Nantes release will go. One moment it seems to be a slower classic instrumental style piece, but then the guitar and drums kick in and you can’t help but have a smile across your face. Already with the opening track ‘7’ this EP has the promise to be a great one. Vocals don’t start until almost halfway into the track, and they are deep, haunting and with a hint of anger underlying each word.
‘Adaptor’ is a bit more upperty than the previous track and has a bit of an ’80s pop influence with the slightly warped vocals and instruments. As the song goes on it really mellows out, and it seems to be a bit of a pattern for this release that often the openings of each song trick you into being something completely different.
Again introducing another kind of sound to the EP is ‘Stay the Same’ a slightly garage-rock sound (emphasis on the slightly) where you can’t help but be mesmerised by the vocals in the track – unsurprisingly these factors have made it my favourite on the EP. I’m not sure if Nantes consciously went out to create a varied release filled with different genres, but that’s certainly the result in Limbo. Some would say it’s a bit of a messy release, but I think it works in that kind of ‘chaos is beautiful’ kind of way. You get a sense that the band can achieve a variety of sounds and it’s by no means a boring listen from start to finish.
Out now via independent release
Written by Amanda Sherring