My Ultimate Fashion Destination

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My Ultimate Fashion Destination

Not many people are surprised that my absolute to-die-for fashion destination is New York City. I went once in 2013 on a holiday with my family, and it is without a doubt the most magical place on Earth — apart from Disneyland of course.
When people call it ‘the city that never sleeps’, they’re really not joking! Being lucky enough to stay in the heart of the city right near Times Square, the hustle and bustle was quite literally a constant occurrence.
However, the best part about NY for me personally was the fashion. I found so much inspiration on those streets, as there is such a mishmash of different people. From the sleek business men and women wearing black on black, the urban street performers in all sorts of colors and shapes and all those who fall in between, New York really has so much on the table to offer.
In two years my taste in fashion has changed quite drastically, (seriously, you guys have no idea), but the motivation I got from that city to experiment with my style hasn’t faded a bit.
If I were in New York right now, I can definitely see myself shopping around Soho and window shopping in the stores of Manhattan, wishing I had the funds for a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s — what? A girl can dream can’t she?
My first stop however, would probably be to the Sephora and MAC stores in times square, simply because I am a makeup-addict and that’s what we do when we get excited. I’d splurge on the reasonably priced lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes until a loved one pried me away screaming and kicking.
If you’ve been reading this column for a while now this will come as no surprise to you, but in terms of clothing, I would more than likely be spending my cash on classic silhouettes and colors. If you’re new, that is very standard for me as I like my style to be able to withstand the seasonal trends.
A few statement pieces here and there would probably be a regular occurrence too, like a stupidly awesome pair of reflective sunnies, or maybe a bright red wallet that I can flash around whenever I make another purchase (my poor imaginary bank account).
Aside from the fashion, New York is a city for dreamers, a city of opportunity, for exploration, for adventure and wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. In just the five days that I was there, that city became a part of my heart, and I cannot wait until the next time I can travel back to the Big Apple. Until next time, New York, I love you.
Written by Jessica Alves