My fondest memories are of Christmas at Barwon Heads

My fondest memories are of Christmas at Barwon Heads

Words by Alice McDonald and photography by Visit Victoria

Here’s how to have a good Aussie Christmas at Barwon Heads

Barwon Heads have Christmas memories all throughout it for me, so why not spread the Christmas cheer and share this wonderful summery place with you.

An accessible and diverse take on the surfside of life, the beautiful town of Barwon Heads is home to some of the loveliest people and places.

The main street, Hitchcock avenue, has certainly grown and developed over the past two decades and especially in the past 5 years. It holds a very special place in my heart as I’ve been coming here most Christmases for 21 years.

There’s no pretentiousness you might find in other Australian surfside towns, just a relaxed and refreshing way to spend your time taking in the year we just had. Home to 13th beach, this is where I took my first surfing lesson. I was well and truly uneasy doing it, but that feeling of standing up on your board on a wave for the first time is truly like no other. The waves at 13th seem so daunting at first but the ocean welcomes you with sensitivity and care. I think everyone should have a go at surfing at least once. And for golf lovers, this course is world class.

With everything within distance of town, there’s so much opportunity to simply take your time. One aspect of Barwon Heads becoming so popular in recent years is the introduction of unique and luxurious shopping. I particularly adore Red Dog 3, I don’t think I’ve ever left without buying something. Exploring local artists and produce at the Barwon Heads Saturday Market means you’ve started off your Saturday right.

Some of the best bread and coffee I’ve had is at locally owned and loved Starfish Bakery. Always bustling and busy, this is the place to be in order to take in a December morning with your furry friend at your feet.

Before you know it, it’s suddenly Christmas Eve – my favourite day of the year. Now’s the time to get a quick dip in at the beach before setting up the outdoor setting and cracking open the riesling. Walking from the beach with fresh grains of sand between your toes, you’ll pass plenty of kids on bikes filled with preemptive excitement and families at every turn. It’s simply such a beautiful moment to experience in this family driven town.

All this reminiscing truly reminds me of the wonderful camaraderie and community connection Barwon Heads has to offer. Whether it be Christmas time or any other time of the year, the natural adventure and relaxed indulgence this place offers is the best form of saltwater rejuvenation.

With plenty of spots for accommodation, why not take a visit to Barwon Heads this summer and realise the absolute beauty of this surfside town.

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