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My Echo

I’m unsure if it’s been said before, but it almost definitely has to be true: “A band that bathes together stays together”. In the case of Melbourne rockers My Echo, and according to a certain Facebook photo, bathing together seems to work for the better. In a stroke of homecoming beauty, the Melbourne-based band will be returning to their hometown of Bendigo to play one of Australia’s favourite festivals, Groovin’ the Moo. Whilst they’re making their heroic return to the place of Moo, My Echo will also be promoting the release of their new self-titled EP, filling venues all over the country with sweaty punters and their fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll.
My Echo have taken their rock ‘n’ roll seriously with the production of their new EP, opting to keep it real and record live to tape in the hopes of capturing something warm and beautiful that might often be lost in the separate tracking that so often happens when recording these days. Guitarist Brenton spoke to me excitedly about the idea behind the recording process.
“We’d always wanted to do the live to tape thing and the guy we worked with, Haydn Buxton, was also keen on the idea. It’s probably the most cliché thing you can say about tape recording but we really wanted to capture a more organic, warm sound. We really like that we’ve got the opportunity to put out a 7” along with the EP. We think the idea of people being able to have a digital or CD version of the EP is just as cool as having it the way we intended for it to be heard on 7” vinyl.”
With their EP tour well on its way, it would be safe to say the boys of My Echo are excited and ready to return to their hometown to ‘groove the moo’ and catch up with old friends. The opportunity to play one of Australia’s much-loved festivals can only be a positive for an upcoming band, and Brenton spoke happily about the privilege that had been sent their way. “This is technically our first big festival [and] it’ll be a great day to catch up with all our old friends and listen to music all day. Our bass player actually can’t make it to Groovin’ the Moo because he’s got a wedding to go to, so we had to get our old bass player back to come and play the show, which is good actually. Rehearsals have been really fun; he still remembers most of the songs, and we always have a laugh.”
It’s no secret that touring can take it out of anyone – long van rides, fast food, late nights, countless beers and, of course, playing a few sets here and there. My Echo struck me as the kind of band that wouldn’t let fatigue or serious lack of nutritional sustenance get in the way of shows. Surely months or more of touring in a fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll band must toll on the energy of even the strongest. “We’ve done this touring thing a few times, so we’d like to think we’re used to it, but it is hard yakka and it does take you out physically.
“There’s a lot of ‘should-dos’ on tour but we’re always still so excited to be on the tour that the other bands are usually off to bed while we’re cracking on with the beers.”
When&Where: The Loft, Warrnambool – May 9 & NSC – May 30. You can also catch them at Bendigo’s Groovin’ the Moo
Written by Xavier Fennell