Musings From A Retail Worker

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Musings From A Retail Worker

It’s not everyday that greeting someone with a friendly, ‘Hi, how are you today?’ meets the response of such rejection. Though in the world of retail it’s a common occurrence. How is it something that’s seen as a polite gesture outside the shopping centre is met with such hatred and disgust inside it? After all, us retail workers, change room attendants and cashiers are simply doing our job. And we really do think that navy jacket sets off your eyes. Honest.

Given that there’s likely to be a few retail workers reading this here feature, we thought what better way than to work out some ways to mend your broken heart after getting rejected in store. For everyone else, here’s an insight into the mind of a retail worker and entertainment all round.

Case 1: The classic hello rejection.
Customer walks into store, and retail respondent walks over. An optimistic glint in their eye and a cheery smile of their face as they neaten up a stack of t-shirts near the customer. “Hi there, how’s your day been so far?” To which the customer turns around with a deep furrowed brow and look of anguish. “I’m just looking thank you! I’ve had enough of you harassing me!”.

Response: Smile politely, walk away and eat your sorrows with that opened packet of Maltesers you have hidden at the counter. And remember your new oath, never, ever great a customer again.

Case 2: The no receipt, my-cousin-bought-me-this-but-I-already-have-it return.
This excuse stands up against the classics of, ‘My dog ate my homework’ and ‘I left it in my pocket and it went through the wash’ but customers still come in with it all the time.

Response: Now’s the time to put the negotiator cap on and try and meet a common ground. Maybe your mum is a friend of a friend and you can use it as leverage? Either way, one of you is leaving with something and there’s no point trying to fight it.

Always remember, be nice to your local retail assistant. Unless they’re really mean, then, you don’t need that sort of negativity in your life. Even if it means you’ll be missing out on picking up that cute sweater.

*disclaimer: this editorial may or may not have been written by an angry cashier. Forte takes no responsibility for its effect on retail assistants in the region.