Music Victoria has released 10 point plan to save live music in your town

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Music Victoria has released 10 point plan to save live music in your town

Music Victoria has honed in on what makes Melbourne’s great live music scene and created 10 ways and tips on ensuring your town is as thriving as Victoria’s capital (and arguably the music capital of the country).

The 10 point plan was developed after fielding enquiries from all over the world (in particular cities such as London, Bangkok and Amsterdam) about how the music scene works in Melbourne and what sets the city apart.

As for Music Victoria, it is the peak body for contemporary music in the state, and with this 10-step guide (which is actually 11) it highlights the measures the Victorian music industry has taken over the last seven years to save, nurture and grow the state’s live music communities. And we all know how important live music is in our town.

“Melbourne, Australia has already got more live music venues per capita than anywhere in the world and a diverse range of artists that bring them alive every night of the week. It’s in our best interests to have strong live music circuits all over the world. It has worked for us and will be of huge benefit to music communities everywhere,” says Music Victoria CEO Patrick Donovan.

The steps below are to be shared worldwide and Australia-wide in the hopes of fostering healthy music scenes all-round. Below are the steps with a brief exert from the actions with each dot point.

1. Know your value – collect and publish data
Action: Commission reports into the economic, social and cultural contribution of music to the State.

2. All aboard – Political buy-in
Action: Establish non-partisan support for live music through networking and groups such as a Music Friends of Parliament (FOP).

3. Keep the doors open – “No lockouts here”
Action: Work with the Government to pass legislation…Ensure the music industry is represented on the Liquor Control Advisory Council (LCAC).

4. Build your case – Present a clear, evidence-based plan
Action: Present a ‘’white paper’’ to the State Government clearly outlining the case for regulatory reform and investment to support venues.

5. Come together – Industry and government work together to achieve mutual benefits
Action: Establish a live music roundtable (with a terms of reference linked to a key minister) comprised of key industry and government representatives across government agencies.

6. Localise it – Council commitment to live music
Action: Survey candidates at local council elections asking them to commit to local music strategies.

7. Get smart – Excellence though best practice
Action: Create a best practice guide for live music venues and offer incentives for venues to abide by them.

8. Get with the program – Attract funding and initiatives/programs to benefit industry
Action: Partner with government in delivering programs in line with the needs of the live music sector.

9. Protect the players – There is no music without the creatives
Action: Canvas needs of artists and support opportunities to build sustainable creative careers.

10. Rock n’ roll High School

11. The Circuit Breaker – If all else fails, rally the troops
Action: Unite the music community for a public rally.

To read more on the 10-step plan, the actions, objectives and the status of each step visit the website.

Image sourced via Music Victoria socials, photo taken by Martin Philbey.