Music Man Megastore Gigs

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Music Man Megastore Gigs

There are a couple of gigs at Bendigo’s Music Man Megastore next month that you may wish to check out. On July 11, The Caning will take you back to 1972. The band may have strapped on their guitars in 2012, but these riff-loving freaks feel at home in the progressive rock and proto-metal of the early 1970s. We’re talking Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Recently the band has been working on their debut with US producer Tim Gilles. The following night, July 12, Neurotik Trendz will take to the stage. Music is something that you keep coming back to – just ask NT. First founded in 1993, formed in 1996, reformed in 2009, and back in action again in 2014, the band just can’t leave their tunes behind. And fortunately they have maintained their good ol’ rock sound all the way through.