Mumford & Sons: Johannesburg

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Mumford & Sons: Johannesburg

British indie-folk rock band Mumford & Sons released their EP Johannesburg on June 17 this year.

Consisting of five tracks, the EP was recorded during their time touring in South Africa and is a collaboration with various other artists including Senegalese singer Baaba Maal, South African pop group Beatenberg, and Malawian-British singer-producer combo The Very Best.

Due to the unique dynamics their collaborators add to their music, this release is unlike anything else from Mumford & Sons. The featured vocals from Baaba Maalin within the first track, ‘There Will Be Time’ are hauntingly beautiful, later leading into the band’s familiar sound – fast-paced, repetitive and catchy. The second track ‘Wona’ is where we get a chance to hear all of the featured artists as one. The song begins with a pop-vibe, however the combination of the artists creates a sound where it seems various genres are present within just one song.

The EP as whole has a fresh sound, but still promises the foot-stomping beats we are used to from Mumford & Sons.