Multi-instrumentalist and producer T@NE dives into euphoric electro-pop with sensual new single ‘Autumn’ 

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Multi-instrumentalist and producer T@NE dives into euphoric electro-pop with sensual new single ‘Autumn’ 

Photo by Jerry Sumit Suksawat.

Brooklyn artist and producer T@NE has released a delightful pop anthem with new single ‘Autumn’

Swirling with wielding hypnotic beats and dreamy riffs – the kind that would evoke a sway out of even the least rhythmically inclined – T@NE has made a vibrant return with his newest and contagious release, ‘Autumn’.

Hailing from Brooklyn, T@NE – the moniker of Arnold Tone Kaplan Lee – has earned himself a solid reputation over the past few years crafting eclectic and genre-spanning introspective pop music and this single is just one more notch to the artist’s expansive catalog.

Taking on the roles of musician, saxophonist, composer, producer, rapper, and vocalist, you’d be hard-pressed trying to sum up the eclectic musical catalogue of the multi-faceted artist in just a few words.

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His list of influences – and the genres and mediums he pulls from – are worlds apart and ever-evolving. From sounds spanning jazz and pop to rock and electronic, to his study of chordal, harmonic, melodic, rhythmic movement and progressions from all over the world, T@NE takes a holistic approach to his art, evident from his multi-faceted career and spawned from a childhood immersed into music.

“I grew up around music, my dad is a musician and my parents homeschooled me so I was able to travel on tour with my dad when he was touring in the ‘90s,” T@NE explains.

“I started playing the drums when I was two or three and my dad put me on stage, he was kind of like, ‘here go get it’. Then when I was seven, I switched to saxophone and kept playing in my dad’s groups for a while until college. My dad is so key in helping me develop my ear, he would always say, ‘train your ear, train your ear and the rest will follow’.”

With an ethos to experiment and create without boundaries, T@NE was soon drawn to music that incorporated electronica, rock and pop and dived into production, learning the fundamentals from producer Yuri Beats.

“Then after that I started rapping and singing, continuing to put the work in; and just looking forward to keeping learning.

“I try to study as much music as I can from all over the world, starting now and going back to when humans first started documenting music; whether it be a recording, a video, a music score that’s written down, I think it needs to be accessed via all mediums.

“What I mean by all the mediums, is making sure you cover every aspect, and that you don’t skip any steps. So, you have the aural part: training your ear; the technique and proficiency aspect: doing it on your instrument. And studying the theoretical part of it.

“It’s really about encompassing all of it and taking a holistic approach because when you are playing in real-time, everything is happening at once and it’s important to be able to process the data. When it’s time to play you just go, just go with the flow, but the more practice and studying and preparation, I believe will put you in a better position to be successful.”

Continuing to expand and build his craft, he produced his first electronica track with Jules the Villain, titled ‘Crystal Waterfalls’ in 2016, before launching as T@NE with his captivating and rocking debut single ‘Rock Joint’ in 2018.

Distinctly carving out his own musical path and seamlessly spanning genres and projects ever since, T@NE’s progressive sound just keeps getting better and better, developing his unique style while keeping his richly textured voice at the heart of his songs.

“I don’t really think about genre or anything It’s really about being open and letting the songs compose themselves, and just go with the flow.”


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His latest release ‘Autumn’ is just another step in a new direction for T@NE as an artist and producer, morphing into electronic pop and managing to make that sound even more exciting by applying various unique elements.

Composed alongside songstress filmmaker Be Steadwell and brought to life with his bandmates Taber Gable (keys), Andrew Renfroe (guitar), Dan Pappalardo (bass), and Peter Manheim (drums), ‘Autumn’ went through many musical stages to get to the gloriously unapologetic final result.

From the time T@NE and Be sat down at the piano, to the point now where it became an epic pop song fully produced by T@NE, one thing that stayed consistent throughout was the feeling and the vibe of the composition.

“I had been talking to my friend Be Steadwell about working on a song together, so I went to her place and we pretty much wrote the whole composition and lyrics in three days,” T@NE says.

“Be wrote the lyrics. I just remember her composing all these lyrics on the spot, I was thinking to myself ‘this is incredible’. After that, the song stayed in pre-production for quite some time, and I changed some things from what I had originally composed but for the most part, the composition stayed close to what we wrote.”

Landing on an addictive synth-pop sound, ‘Autumn’ exemplifies the diversity of T@NE’s sound and his ability to evolve and grow with each release thanks to an organic and progressive creative process.

“For the creative process, I try to stay as open as possible. A song can start with a rhythm, melody, chord, sound design, lyrics, etc., the main thing is to record and save your ideas so you can go and work on them. Usually, when I get an idea, I’ll sing it into my phone to save it because you gotta catch it while you can.

“I just try to stay open because when you’re working it can be nonlinear or linear.”

Whilst not a complete departure from the core ‘sound’ he is known for, ‘Autumn’ is experimental synth-pop at its finest, highlighting what love is and can be.

With hypnotic beats, honeyed vocals and glimmering electronic production, the track picks up the pace right from the beginning and there is no stopping from then on. The seductive rhythm of the verses pulls you right in and the bright and shiny melody of the chorus is pop perfection.

Conveying the feeling of fresh kisses on your lips, romantic nights, and ecstasy, there is something so carefree and uplifting about the whole vibe of ‘Autumn’, something we could all use these days.

Check out ‘Autumn’ below or via your favourite streaming platform and keep up to date with the latest from T@NE here